Types of Scholarship in China

In recent years, in oder to optimize the students quality in campus and have deeper cooperation with EduPRChina, more than 20 Chinese universties individually choose to sign contract with us and give special scholarships to all applicants which come from EduPRChina platforms. The scholarship policy will be even better than university scholarships.

In order to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in politics, economy, culture, education, and trade between China and other countries, the Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, to study and do researches in Chinese universities.

In order to promote the internationalization of Chinese education and attract more international students to study in China, many Chinese universities provide them with over 400 scholarships to the educational quality of international students.

Local Government Scholarship is set up by different local government with the goal of attracting more international students to study in China. Local government will offer international students scholarships to make their life and study more convenient.

Confucius Institute Scholarship is established by Confucius Institute Headquarters with the goal of encouraging students and teachers worldwide who study or teach Chinese as a second language to study Chinese language and culture in China.

To encourage and motivate international students to come to China, some companies will provide chances for those who have excellent performances to study in China with a full scholarship.

Eligibility for the Scholarship:
    • Be non-Chinese citizenship;
    • Be not awardee of Chinese Government Scholarship;
    • Applicants for bachelor degree studies must hold a high school diploma, HSK5 and be under the age of 30;
    • Applicants for master’s degree studies must hold a bachelor’s degree (equivalent to bachelor’s degree in China) and be under the age of 35;
    • Applicants for doctoral degree studies must hold a master’s degree (equivalent to master’s degree in China) and be under the age of 40.


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